What do the Videos show me?

The videos have been designed so that you can discover for yourself the history, architecture and decoration of the Great Hospital. One video allows you to pause on your journey and learn more about the hospital's past.


Are the videos Historically Accurate?

While we have made every attempt to make the videos as historically accurate as possible, there are some parts of the hospital and its interior that no longer survive or have changed so considerably that it is impossible to recreate them exactly. In such cases we have consulted experts, and drawn on surviving evidence from other institutions, to provide an impression of how the building would have appeared during its heyday in the fifteenth century.

For instance, we have very little evidence from which to recreate the stained glass in the infirmary window at the west end and the chancel window at the east end. In the case of the former, we used the Great West Window of York, and, in the latter, the 'Jesse' window at St Mary's church, Shrewsbury.


How do I play the Videos?

When you click one of the videos from the video menu below, the video will automatically start to play. As it does, text and pictures will appear providing you with additional information.


What Videos are there?

Here is a list of the videos you can watch. If you do not have the time to watch them all, we suggest that you view the first two as they will give you a good idea of what the hospital looks like now, and how it might have looked in the fifteenth century.

Just click on the video title to jump to that page, or click on the link below to download it to your computer.

A Journey Through Time
[Download WMV Video (35.7mb)]
St.Giles' - A Medieval Hospital
[Download WMV Video (33.8mb)]
A Birds Eye View
[Download WMV Video (21.6mb)]
[Download WMV Video (14.4mb)]
St.Helen's Church
[Download WMV Video (11.4mb)]
The Chancel Ceiling
[Download WMV Video (12.1mb)]
The Modern Infirmary
[Download WMV Video (11.8mb)]
The Refectory
[Download WMV Video (13.9mb)]


My Video doesn't play, what should I do?

If the video does not start to play, do not worry. All you need do is click here to visit the Adobe Flash Player site (versions 8 and above).

The other option is to download the videos and play them on your computer in Windows Media Player. The videos are encoded in Microsoft Windows Media Video (WMV) format. MAC users will need to download a free copy of Flip4MAC (Click here to go to the Flip4Mac site) so that the videos will play in Quicktime (Click here to go to the Quicktime download site). These videos may take sometime to download as they are quite large. However, you will be able to resize them so that they fill more of the screen.